Metal roofing is beginning to become a common alternative to traditional shingle roofs for residential homes. Metal roofs offer many advantages over shingles and are now available in a wider variety of colors and styles.

Durability That Lasts

Metal roofing material is a lot stronger and more durable than it’s shingle counterpart. A metal roof has the ability to last twice as long as a conventional roof, making it the go to choice for commercial buildings. It is superior to shingles in all types of weather conditions. Metal won’t deteriorate due to sun exposure and can withstand 140 MPH winds, making it a smart choice for Florida residents.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Light colored metal roofing will reflect away the sun’s UV rays, helping keep your house cooler through the Florida heat. In recent studies, metal roofs can cut your cooling bill by up to 25%, a huge savings in such a warm climate.