Tile roofing is a very popular roofing material throughout the world. Its durability, energy cost savings, and protection are beyond compare. Tile provides the longest track record for performance, with over 100 years of use and enhancements. Its modern engineering provides the best natural water shedding and ventilation, making this roof type a popular choice in both warm and cold climates alike.

A Great Choice for Florida’s Weather

Because of its resistance to severe weather conditions, tile roofing is a smart option among homeowners in areas with frequent hurricane activity, strong winds, and hail storms. If installed properly, a tile roof can withstand 150 MPH winds. Choosing a tile roof could mean the difference between dealing with storm damage and repair costs, or only needing to think about a little bit of annual maintenance.

Tile Roofs Require Minimal Maintenance

All roofing materials and systems require some form of maintenance to prevent costly repairs or premature replacements. However, tile roofs require less. Maintenance is normally only necessary with the venting, gutters, or flashing if protruding from the tiles.

The Modern Tile Shingle – Many Colors and Styles to Choose From

When you think of a tile roof, you may have a particular picture in mind. However, due to modern innovations, concrete and clay tile manufacturers can create tiles to replicate many different architectural looks. They can be rounded or flat, look like wood shakes, or be designed to replicate older roofing materials. From authentic Spanish, to New England Colonial, to contemporary, there is a tile shingle perfect for your home.